Animal Wood Puzzles for Toddlers

Puzzles for Toddlers - Make an Animal Wood Puzzle

Click here to print the Animal Puzzle Pattern

This animal puzzle is great for helping kids learn the name and shapes of certain animals, like a giraffe, elephant and pig.


3/4" x 9" x 12" Pine, Basswood or Plywood

Paint--Clear for board after figures are cut out

Paint--Enamel acrylic latex or spray gloss enamel, your choice of colors, for the cutouts

Clear packaging tape, spray adhesive or carbon paper


Scroll saw or coping saw

1/16 Drill bit

#9 Saw blade

Power Sander (optional)

Fine sandpaper

Paint brushes, small--foam or bristle

Animal Wood Puzzle

Use a power sander or hand sand the wood on
both sides. Cover the wood on one side with clear
packaging tape to provide the saw blade with some
lubrication as it cuts.

Attach the pattern to the packaging tape
with spray adhesive. Alternate method using carbon
paper, trace the patterns on bare wood.

Using the 1/16 drill bit, drill a hole on the
cut line for insertion of #9 saw blade. Do this in a
inconspicous place, like a small radius curve. One
hole for each figure.

Insert #9 saw blade through the hole and saw
the individual pieces. Sand the individual pieces
with fine sandpaper to smooth any imperfections.
After the wood is nice and smooth, apply the paint.
Be careful not to get too much paint on the edges that
mate with the board.