Garden Bird Scroll Saw Pattern

Scroll Saw Patterns - Garden Bird

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Free scroll saw pattern for a gardening bird on a stick. Add a wooden bird to your garden.


3/4" wood
3/8" drill bit
3/8" dowel
1 1/4" finish nail

Delta Ceramcoat:

Light Ivory

Apple Barrel Paint:

Burnt Umber

Garden Bird

Cut bird body and two wings from 3/4" wood. Round all edges with sandpaper. Place one wing on each side of body as shown in picture.

Drill 3/8" hole approx. 1" deep for dowel as shown on the body drawing.

Paint: Base coat the body and wing with Burnt Umber. Paint the beak and belly Tangerine. Add an eye in light ivory. Load a brush with light ivory and dab on paper towels to get rid of most of the paint color, then paint some lines on the wings.

When dry, coat bird with Folk Art Antiquing medium or stain, wiping it into the dried paint until you achieve your antique looking color.