Wood Rooster and Chicken Pattern

Here is a wood pattern for a standing rooster and a matching chicken.
Great craft show idea.

Wood Rooster Pattern and Chicken Pattern   Wood Rooster Pattern and Chicken Pattern

Click here to print the Rooster and Chicken Pattern 1

Click here to print the Rooster and Chicken Pattern 2


2" X 6" wood

1/4" wood, for two wings

Scroll saw

#9 scroll saw blade

Paint of your choice

3/4" finish nails

Spray adhesive


Delta Ceramcoat:

Butter Yellow


Light Ivory

DecoArt Americana

Country Red

Rooster and Chicken Pattern

Cut around pattern, leaving about 1/2 inchs of paper. Spray with adhesive and apply to wood. Cut out pattern with #9 scroll saw blade. Cut out two wings with same procedure as above.

Sand smooth with sandpaper. Locate one wing on each side of chickens and install using 3/4" finish nail.

Paint: Base coat the body and wing with Light Ivory. Paint the beak and feet Butter Yellow and and Country Red where picture shows. Add an eye in black. Speckle the rooster with black dots after it is dry.

When dry, coat rooster and stand with Folk Art Antiquing medium or stain, wiping it into the dried paint until you achieve your antique looking color.