4 Piece Beginner's Kids Puzzle

Kid's Puzzles - 4 Piece Beginner's Puzzle Pattern

Click here to print the Beginner's Jigsaw Puzzle Pattern

Here's a simple beginner's puzzle for the little one in your life. This would be a good first kids puzzle as an introduction to jigsaw puzzles.


3/4" Pine or Basswood
Clear packing tape
Kilz Primer Sealer
Acrylic enamel latex paint
Fine Sandpaper
Spray adhesive


Scroll saw or coping saw
#9 saw blade
Power sander (optional)
Paint brushes - small foam or bristle

Beginner's Jigsaw Puzzle

Hand sand or use a power sander on the wood on both sides. Cover the wood on one side with clear packaging tape to allow the saw blade some lubrication as it cuts.

Print the pattern. Enlarge if necessary. Cut around the outside edge of the pattern leaving a border of 1/4" to 1/2" of paper around the pattern lines.

Attach the pattern to the packing tape with spray adhesive.

Saw the outside lines of the pattern with the #9 saw blade. Next, saw the individual pieces by cutting on the inside lines. Remove the pattern and packing tape from the wood.

Sand each individual piece with fine sandpaper to smooth any imperfections. After the wood is very smooth, apply the Kilz.

After the Kilz is dry, apply 2 coats of enamel paint, letting the paint dry between coats. Be careful not to get too much paint where the pieces join together.