How to Make Wind Chimes

Wait for a breeze and you will hear the soft tinkling of the attractive and inexpensive wind chimes you created with free wind chime plans.

Use reclaimed items, wire and scrap wood to create fun and appealing wind chimes for your balcony or patio. Copper, steel or other metal tubing can be used in various lengths to produce different tones in these musical decorations.

Cut a knocker in a fanciful shape, then paint or stain and hang to create a soothing melody. Wind chimes can be made in many styles and decorated with whimsical embellishments. Use weather resistant products for long lasting durability.

How to Make Wind Chimes

Click here to print the Wind Chime Pattern

Wind Chime Pattern 2


3/4 inch wood of choice
Copper pipe 3/4 inch dia.x 60 inches long and 3/4 inch dia.x 12 inches long.
thin wire (mechanics wire) approx. 45 inches long
nylon string
3 small eye screws
wood stain


wood saw
hack saw
3/32 drill bit

Copper Wind Chime Instructions

Make five sided hanger and round knocker per the patterns. Drill 10 3/32 holes as marked on the hanger pattern.

Cut 60 inch copper pipe into four pieces; 16.5, 15.5, 14.5 and 13.5 inches long. You now have five pieces of pipe. Drill 3/32 inch thru hole in each of five pieces of pipe, 1/4 inch from end. Screw 2 eye screws, one on top center and one bottom center of wooden hanger.

Screw one eye screw in center of wooden knocker. Install 5 pieces of pipe to the wooden hanger with a piece of wire approx. 9 inches long. Make sure the pipe hangs below the hanger far enough so it can swing without hitting the hanger.

Tie a nylon string between the eye screws in the hanger and knocker. Make sure the knocker is able to hit all five pipes. Tie another piece of string to the eye screw on the top of the hanger.

Enjoy the music!