Rocking Horse Plans

Children have been in love with rocking horses for years. However, today's plastic and metal versions just cannot compare with the durability and styling of a handmade, wooden rocking horse.

A rocking horse chair that is safe for the littlest riders is available, as well as several other styles for older riders. Use free rocking horse plans to build a toy your child will cherish for years.

Customize rocking horse plans with a variety of embellishments and finishes. Add string, yarn or leather straps to make the mane and tail. Use scrap leather to make ears and use non-toxic enamel to paint the face and details.

My Wooden Pony - You can create this little wooden pony for your child or grandchild using this easy to follow plan. Make playtime even more fun with this cute little rocking horse.

Simple Rocking Horse Chair - Here is an easy to build rocking chair with a wooden horse on each side cut from a template. Children 1 to 3 years of age will love rocking in this cute little rocking horse chair.

Build a Rocking Horse - This is a wooden rocking horse plan that is a great toy for any toddler. Kids enjoy rocking and a rocking horse of their very own is just the ticket to a great time.

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