"I Love Kitty" Wood Craft Pattern

Wood Crafts - I Love Kitty Pattern

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What is the cat's favorite TV show?
The evening mews!

Wood crafts pattern for a cute I Love Kitty sign. A simple craft project that is perfect for the cat lover or craft shows.


3/4" wood

1/4" wood for cat's hind leg

Clear packaging tape


3/4" finish nails

1/16" drillbit

Spray adhesive

White glue, picture hanger

Black wire and Raffia or ribbon


Scroll saw or coping saw

#9 saw blade

Needle nose pliers


Delta Ceramcoat:



DecoArt Americana

Country Red

I Love Kitty Instructions

Sand the wood on both sides. Cover the wood on one side with clear packaging tape.

Make two copies of the pattern. After making a copy, cut around the outside edge of the pattern, leaving a 1/4" to 1/2" of paper around the pattern lines.

Attach the pattern to the packaging tape with spray adhesive. Saw cat pattern and hind leg pattern with a #9 saw blade. Remove pattern and packaging tape.

Paint: Base coat the body with black. Add eyes in white. Using a small flat paint brush, dip it into the white paint. Dab on paper towel to get rid of most of the paint color, then add the white stripes on cat.
When dry, coat cat with Folk Art Antiquing medium or stain, wiping it into the dried paint until you achieve your antique looking color.

Nail hind leg to body with 3/4" finish nails. Make bow and glue to cat.

Make a 3/4" X 2 1/2" X 6" block. Drill two 1/16" holes in block and cat. With paint or a permanent market, write "I Kitty" on sign and paint on a Country Red heart. Thread wire through holes and using needle nose pliers, twist ends of wire in a circle.