Golf Ball Dog

Why did the poor dog chase his own tail?
He was trying to make both ends meet!

Here's a great creative use for old golf balls!


Golf Ball Dog

Click here to print the Golf Ball Dog Pattern


Gloss white spray paint
7 old golf balls
1 black tee or paint a tee black
Scraps of black and red felt
Shoe Goo glue
2 size 10 mm eyes
Small ribbon--1/4 inches wide

Golf Ball Dog

Wash golf balls. Glue three sets of two golf balls together and leave the last one for the dog's head.

Wait until glue has dried, then take two sets of two, and glue them together for the dog's legs. Wait again for glue to dry, then take the last set of two golf balls and set and glue on top of the legs for the dog's body. When the glue has dried, stand the dog upright on its hind legs so you can glue the head of the dog on. (The glue can take a couple of hours to dry between each gluing.)

Once you have the dog put together, you will need to spray paint the golf dog. You will probably need more than one coat of paint.

When the paint is dry, you need to cut out the eyes and nose from black felt and a tongue from red felt. Glue these on the face and then glue the eyes on. Next glue the black tee for his tail. Now take a
small piece of ribbon and put it around the dog's neck.