Outdoor Woodworking Plans for Kids

Free woodworking plans for the outdoors including playhouse plans, tree house plans, free swing set plans, even a lemonade stand.

Commando Course - Download these free step by step plans and instructions to build a commando course for the kids.

My Secret Playhouse Plans - Any little girl would love this sweet and feminine playhouse that requires only a wooden frame and some sturdy fabrics.

Build a Children's Play Structure - This one begins with a purchased Play Structure kit.

Pirate Cubbyhouse Playhouse Plans - Free instruction sheet, photos and tips on how to build a pirate cubbyhouse.

Backyard Treehouse Plans - Plans for a good looking treehouse that is built with safety in mind and with helpful tips to make building this treehouse even easier.

Charming Play Cottage - Build your little one this charming little play cottage that has all the appeal of a story book cottage. This plan gives you all the instructions needed to create this attractive play cottage.

Swing Set Treehouse Plans - This treehouse sits on the ground but is built around an existing tree. Along with a swing set and slide this treehouse is one great place for outdoor fun.

Playhouse Plans with Porch - Here is a cute little playhouse that looks just like a real house. This playhouse has standard windows and door plus a welcoming front porch.

This treehouse has is built between 2 houses and has 2 entrances.....one from each yard.

Castle Playhouse Plans - This charming playhouse maybe small but it looks just like an ancient Castle from long ago. Your kids will have lots of imaginary fun in this castle playhouse.

Fun Time Clubhouse - This great looking clubhouse will give kids a private place to call their own. Create peace of mind by building a strong and sturdy club house for your child.

The treehouse guide - Construction guide plus everything you ever wanted to know about treehouses!

Outdoor Fort - This outdoor fort for kids has a trap door, slide, a climbing wall and more for outdoor fun all summer long.

Two Story Playhouse Plans - Here is a two story playhouse that has areas to climb and two landings for creative outdoor fun. Kids will have hours of fun and exercise on this awesome outdoor playhouse.

A-Frame Treehouse Plans - Build a place where a kids imagination can run wild using these free plans for an A-frame treehouse.

Easy to Build Clubhouse - You can build your child their own clubhouse in a single day by starting with a wooden frame, lattice work for walls and canvas for a roof.

A Sturdy Playhouse - Build your child a strong and sturdy playhouse that will also be around for your grandchildren to enjoy.

Step by Step Treehouse - Make building a treehouse uncomplicated and fun for the whole family by using this step by step plan.

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